Applying for Payday Loan

Payday Loans are the very best way for financial help. If you are facing bad financial problems then don’t worry because you are not the only one who is facing such a situation.

In simple words, we can say that payday loans are the best option for those who are facing great money issues.

In such a bad financial situation when you are even unable to pay off your monthly bills then applying for personal loans or extra credit cards is not a good idea.

Payday loans


Payday loans are the best alternatives to these personal loans etc in such a dab financial situation because payday loans offer a fast and efficient way to get money in your account whereas is personal loans are time-consuming and take some time to pay you money.

Payday loans can be obtained in two ways: in-store or online.

Two ways for Payday loans:

  1. In stores Payday loans
  2. Online payday loans


In-Store Payday Loans

If you are considering applying for a payday loan store then follow the steps given below:

  • Trace the nearest payday lender that lies within or close to your area.
  • Take national photo identity card, blank check, most recent bank statement along with pay stub.
  • Contact your local payday lender and fill up an application for the required account that is according to your desire.
  • The amount of the loan and the interest rates vary from state to state such depends on the state where you live. In most common practice, payday lenders give loans anywhere from $100-$100 on a charge of 15% to 30% (for a 2 Weeks loan).

After completing the above steps, either your application will be approved or rejected. If you’ll get approved, then you’ll be asked to sign a legal contract with your payday lender.

That contract will contain the terms and conditions of the loan that you’ve borrowed along with the date before which you must have repaid the loan.

After completing these small formalities your cash will be handed over to you in-store on the spot and there is no need to wait for the payments.


Payday Loans


Online Payday loan

If you are considering applying for a payday loan online, then follow the steps given below:

  • Search for a payday loan provider and select one for you.
  • Make sure that you have selected a BBB secured lender.
  • Fill up an online application that will be provided to you online.
  • Provide your social security number, driving license, bank account number, and bank routing number.
  • Note: Less documentation is required in some states.

After doing the above steps, either your application will be approved or rejected. If you’ll get your application approved, then you will be asked to sign a contract on certain terms and conditions. The money that you have borrowed will be credited to your account within 60 minutes.


Depending on your situation that which Payday loan suits you. In-store or Online payday, which is better for you to apply. Both have some important requirements that you have to fulfill to get a payday loan.

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