Boys Over Flowers Full story

Boys Over Flowers was the hit Korean drama of  2009 and 2010. Won many awards for its fantastic story and work. The story of the drama is basically on Love, Hate, and Friendship. All the characters in this drama play their best roles.

Four main characters of the story:

  • Jan-di(The main actoress).
  • Jun-Pyo(The main hero)
  • Jee-Hoon(Hero Friend)
  • Yi-Jeong(Hero Friend)
  • Woo-Bin(Hero Friend)

Boys Over Flowers: story

Boys over Flowers depends upon a poor girl Jan-di. Her father was a dry cleaner. She helps her father in delivering dry clean clothes to the customers.  She always wanted to be a swimmer.

Once she went to deliver the clothes to a student of Shinva school. That student was about to commit suicide, but Jan-di saved him. He was fed up with the school’s F4 students (most affluent students); they constantly tortured him because he disobeyed them. The whole school becomes an enemy of that student who does not bow before F4 students. This school belonged to upper-class family children.


Jan-di becomes famous by saving the life of that boy. She got admission to that school, but she always dislikes the F4 students because they always torture those students who disobey them. Jan-di also disregarded them and became their target. The whole school teases Jan-di, but Jan-di never gives up.

Jun Pyo and Jan-di Fight :Boys Over Flowers                             

Boys over Flowers were the F4 students. Jun-Pyo, the leader of F4 and the son of the owner of the shinva school, tries to tease Jan-di with different tricks, but Jee-hoon always safes the Jan-di.  Jan-di falls in love with Jee-hoon, but Jee-hoon only likes Jan-di, not love. In Boys over Flower, the beginning is from hate.

Jun Pyo Falls in Love With Jan-di: Boys Over Flowers

Jan-di always dislikes Jun-Pyo due to his rude attitude towards others, But Jun-Pyo was impressed by the bravery of Jan-di. He falls in love with Jan-di and offers her to be with him, but Jan-di refuses because she likes Jee-hoon.

Jee-Hoon loves Seon:Boys Over Flowers

Jee-hoon loves Seon, his childhood friend, and the famous model.

He left with her to Paris.


Jan-di Falling in love with Jun-Pyo:

Due to Jun-Pyo’s love, care, and attention Jan-di slowly falls in love with Jun-Pyo, But she never shows her passion to Jun-Pyo.



Jee-hoon Returned:Boys Over Flowers

Jee-hoon returned and came close to Jan-di, but now Jan-di was in love with Jun-Pyo. Now she does not show her any love for Jee-hoon this time.

Jun-Pyo Mother’s behavior towards Jan-di:

In Boys Over Flower, the Hate is the mother of Jun-pyo role.

When Jun-Pyo’s mother comes to know about the relationship between Jan-di and Jun-Pyo, she revolts against them. She dislikes Jan-di because she belongs to a lower-class family, and Jun-Pyo was the chairman of the Shinva group.

Engagement of Jun-pyo:

Jun-Pyo was forcefully engaged with the daughter of Shinva’s

group business partner. His mother blackmailed him.

But when his fiance comes to know about Jan-di, This is Middle of Boys over Flowers.

She refuses to get married to Jun-Pyo.

Jun-Pyo Mother threatened Jan-di family:

Jun-Pyo’s mother threatened Jan-di’s family a lot.

They left for the village. Jee-hoon and his grandfather, with whom hospital Jan-di was working. They were also helping Jan-di, were threatened, so Jan-di decided to go away from jun-pyo.



Jee-Hoon Find Jan-di and Purposed:Boys Over Flowers

Nobody knows that where Jan-di has gone. Jee-hoon found her

and met her. He proposed to Jan-di, but she refused because she loves Jun-Pyo.



Jun-Pyo accident and Memory loss:

Jun-Pyo met an accident and lost his memory.

He does not know anything about Jan-di.

His sister started shouting at her mother because she

was responsible for everything wrong with Jun-pyo and her. Jun-Pyo’s mother realizes her mistakes.

Jun-Pyo’s memory recovery:Boys Over Flowers

Jan-di and Jun-Pyo’s friends were trying the

recover of Jun-Pyo’s memory. At a party, Jan-di throws

her necklace that Jun-pyo gave in the pool. She also

fell into the pool. Jun-pyo jumps into the pool to save

Jan-di. He recovered all his memory.



Jun-Pyo went to the U.S.A. and Jan-di became a doctor:

Jun-pyo went to the U.S.A. to handle the business,

and Jan-di was doing a study of Doctor.

Jee-Hoon also completed his studies in medicine

and took over the hospital of his grandfather.


Yi-Jeong and Ga-Eul: Boys Over Flowers

Yi-Jeong, a friend of Jun-pyo, and Ga-Eul’s best friend,

Jan-di helps time Jan-di and Jun-Pyo. Ga-Eul fell

in love with Yi-Jeong, but in the beginning, he

denied her love, but in the end, he also realizes that he likes Ga-Eul.


End Of the Drama Boys Over Flowers:

At the end of Boys Over Flowers, Jun-Pyo came back from the USA

and he proposed Jan-di for marriage when she was doing

her doctor practice

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