How to increase Breast Milk

How to increase breast milk? Every nursing mother is worrying about their babies feeding on breast milk. The quantity of their milk is not enough to fulfill the baby’s need. Mother milk is very important for the baby and mother too. Breast milk makes the baby healthy and enhances his immunity—more than that, the mother is safe from breast cancer by feeding her baby on her milk.


How to increase breast milk?

Many remedies are very useful for an increase in breast milk.

The baby’s proper feeding position will help the baby feed; the baby will suck the milk and enhance the milk quantity.

  • There must be less time interval in feeding. Mother milk is light in weight that does not fulfill the baby’s need so, the mother should feed the baby every half an hour.
  • Feed baby from both sides so that the breast remains balanced.

Less use of feeders will make babies less habitual of feeders.

Eat proper and healthy food for breast milk quantity and quality.

Try not to take any tension or stress because these situations also decrease the mother milk. stay calm easy and relaxed.

If you can not feed your baby for some reason, you must use the pump to collect milk. In this way, milk is also not wasted and its quantity also increases.

The use of Fenugreek Seeds is also best for breast milk.

Use Fennel Seeds to enhance breast milk. These seeds are also very useful for the digestive system of the baby. They reduce the issues of gas in the baby’s stomach.

Green Leafy Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and spinach are very helpful in increasing breast milk.

Cumin seeds. Fry cumin seeds are also very beneficial for breast milk enhancement.

Sesame Seeds. Sesame seeds can be used in sweet dishes and their taste is delicious. It contains calcium which increases the supply of milk.

The use of Oatmeals daily increases breast milk.

Basil leaves


Basil leaves are also known for best breast milk increasing ingredient.

Papaya also enhances breast milk but uses only unripe papaya because unripe papaya is best for increasing the quantity of breast milk.

Barley is also the best ingredient for enhancing breast milk.

Asparagus use is also very good for breast milk increase. Add it to your daily meal.

Apricot balances the hormones and increase the milk. Contains fiber. So fruits like apricot must be added to your diet.

Salmon fish improves both the quality and quantity of breast milk. So have salmon fish three times a week.

Take Lukewarm milk daily this also increase the breast milk quantity.

Eat during feeding is also very useful for increasing milk. That nutrient will go directly to the baby.


These all are the easiest remedies for the enhancement of breast milk. If you will apply all these remedies the breast milk will enhance but if your breast milk is still not increasing then go to a doctor for a checkup the doctor may recommend you some medicines for enhancing the breast milk. 

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