Instant Remedies To Cure Flu Or Cold

Flu and the common cold are the kinds of diseases in which a person becomes very irritated. Headache started and the person remains dizzy. Breathing from the nasal cavity becomes very difficult and a person has to take a breath from the mouth. A person can not even speak to anyone.  They feel hesitation in going to some occasion or gatherings. They even avoid their meetings and decide to stay at home until they become well. Continuously sneezing makes one mad. There are many Remedies To Cure Flu Or Cold.



Few are the instant and most accessible remedies that are very useful for curing flu and cold.

Remedies to cure Flu or cold


drink water


Drink water

  • Drink Plenty of water to overcome the loss of liquid and to keep the throat wet. By taking plenty of water a day, many diseases are cured. Water will fulfill that need of water that has been wasted due to flu. try to take lukewarm water with honey.





  • Proper steaming two times a day will help in curing of Flu and Cold. Hot steam will open the closed nasal cavity. Add some Vaporizers like Vicks to water for better and instant results. they will help to nebulize your nasal cavities and will open your nostrils.

green tea

Green tea: Remedies To Cure Flu Or Cold

  • Green Tea is also a very effective and the best remedy to cure flu. It reduces the clogging of the nasals cavity. Moreover, this green tea has many advantages; It can control many diseases if used regularly. Taking a hot cup of green tea will help to minimize your flu and open your closed nasals.

Hot Coffee and Tea: Remedies To Cure Flu Or Cold

Taking Hot Coffee and Tea is perfect for the hydration of the body. Reduces the daziness and enhances the immunity of your body. Add some ginger to your tea, the best herb for curing flu and cold, or take some other herbal tea. When passing through your throat it will reduce the swelling of your throats.


Sleep and Rest

Take plenty of Sleep and Rest, which are very important for your body to overcome the lost energy due to flu or cold. Not to do any hard work and try to stay at home. Take a paracetamol tablet and have a stress-free sleep.



Cover your head and back:

In winters the flu is caused due to catching a cold on your head and back. Try to keep your headcover with a cap and wear a jacket that will keep your body hot.

hot showers


Hot Shower: Remedies To Cure Flu Or Cold

A hot shower will work as a massager for your body and relax your body gently. you will feel better after taking a hot water shower. Try not to take a cold water shower. that is very harmful to you in winter especially. There is a risk of paralysis due to cold water in winters


These all are natural and very effective remedies to cure the flu and cold at home. But if your cold and flu last for too much time then go to Doctor and have a complete proper checkup of your flu and cold. 

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