Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy

What are the Symptoms of Early Pregnancy? Symptoms of early pregnancy in some women are not very prominent. Women do not understand what happens to them during their pregnancy days. They always remain doubtful about their pregnancy, and they check themselves with pregnancy sticks or visit some doctor for a checkup. Some women conceive too early, and they become confirmed about their pregnancy in two to three weeks.

In some women, pregnancy symptoms are very visible. They don’t need to go to any doctor for the confirmation of pregnancy.


Symptoms Of pregnancy:

Following are the symptoms of pregnancy.

  • Nausea and vomiting are the main early and common symptoms of pregnancy in almost every woman.

  • Missing of periods in that month in which you got pregnant. It is also a very main factor because when pregnancy starts periods stop for 9months. 

  • Frequently urination is also a main symptom of pregnancy. but in some women urination at an early stage is not very prominent. It starts in the 8th month.

  • Excess of sleeping is also a very common factor but the condition may b changed from first to a second pregnancy. 

  • More Fatigued In pregnancy than the normal routine and woman feels laziness in working. 

  • There is an increase in the size of breasts, and the chest becomes heavy during pregnancy.


  • In some women, weight is increased at the start of their pregnancy period but this weight is not too much that women become too fat.


  • Sometimes there are little pains in the uterus, womb, and back side. These also happens in exceptional cases. 



  • Heartburn is also a very common symptom of early pregnancy. women can not eat properly due to heartburn.

These all are the early symptoms of pregnancy. In some women, some symptoms are prominent, and some are not. The incubation period of every woman is different from woman to woman. In some women, there are no symptoms up to 3months. They don’t feel anything.

Precautions during early pregnancy:

Following are the precautions that are very important during pregnancy.

  • Eat healthy food.
  • Take fruits and juices if you have more heartburn.
  • Have plenty of rest.
  • Drink more water so that the water bag becomes strong and has enough fluid for the baby to move in the womb.
  • Don’t pick any heavy thing.
  • Avoid using more stairs. 
  • Go to your doctor for a proper check-up for the normal condition of the baby.
  • Don’t take any irrelevant medicines if you are not feeling well.
  • Precautions are necessary during the early days of pregnancy.
  • Don’t take any alcohol or caffeine.
  • Take the calcium, iron, and vitamins-containing medicines as recommended by the doctor. 


All of these precautions are very necessary for a healthy pregnancy, healthy mother, and healthy baby. so never avoid these precautions otherwise you have to face many problems. If your pregnancy gets complicated then there is difficulty in the delivery of the baby and the baby gets some serious issue so be careful during your pregnancy.

During pregnancy, proper checkups are very important to know about every condition of baby and mother.

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