Test Tube Babies Procedures In Pakistan

  Test Tube Babies

Test tube babies

Robert G. Edwards was the first who introduce the procedure of Test Tube Babies in Manchester, the city of England

in 1978. This method is almost successful, and many babies have been born by this method.

In this method, the ovum from the female ovaries and male sperms are combined.



.All this fertilization procedure occurs outside the female body.  After the completion of fertilization, the zygote transmits again into the female body.

Test tube babies nourish in the womb of females the same as naturally fertilized babies and the babies born by these methods are healthy as the babies born by natural fertilization.


Test Tube Babies Procedure:

Testube baby


Before starting the procedure the woman has to take some fertility drugs that stimulate the ovary and help in the growth of eggs. Then Mature eggs are removed from the ovaries and are collected in the laboratories. Here these mature eggs are kept in a tray and combined with the sperms for fertilization. Here many embryos are prepared and that embryo that is healthy is inserted into the female uterus.


 Procedures In Pakistan:

Now in Pakistan, many hospitals are performing IN Vitro fertilization and Test tube babies. These Operations are successful and many married couples have got benefits from these test tubes operations.

Hospitals In Lahore:

  • Hameed Latif Hospital in Lahore is known as best for IN Vitro Fertilization and providing its best facility to patients.
  • Mid-city hospital in Lahore also working their best on test tube processes. Many experienced doctors and trained staff are doing their best performances for Vitro fertilization.

Hospital in Karachi:

  • The Lady Dufferin Hospital in Karachi and Dr. Zeryab Setna is the best Pakistani doctor for Test tube babies operations. He checks both patients thoroughly and tells them the main fault. Many patients have got their fertilization processes completed under the consideration of Dr. Setna.

Test Tube Babies Hospital In Islamabad:

  • Polyclinic hospital in Islamabad is available for Invitro fertilization. There is a separate department is available for the test tube babies operations.
  • Be a healthy hospital in Islamabad.

 Hospital in Peshawar:

  • Rehman Medical Institute at Peshawar is very famous for the successful operations of test-tube babies or In Vitro fertilization.

Hospital in Hyderabad:

  • Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center in Hyderabad is known as the best hospital for In Vitro fertilization.

Hospital in Faisalabad:

  • Chenab Clinic in Faisalabad is one of the most known places for these types of processes. Many babies have been born there by this technique of IN Vitro Fertilization.

All of the above are the best medical centers for test tube baby procedures.

Cost Of Test Tube Baby Treatment:test tube cost


The treatment costs range differently in different hospitals, but the approximate rate is 15 lac to 20 lac. This treatment is costly for any middle-class person to afford such a high amount for the treatment. The success rate of this procedure is very good. There are many children who are born with this technique.


Government should minimize the rates of IN Vitro Fertilization operations to some extent so that any person could afford it.

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