Top 5 Universities of Pakistan

There are about 190 universities in Pakistan. These universities are affiliated with HEC.  These universities include medical, Engineering, military, science, and arts subjects education universities. Some universities are private and some are the government.

The top 5 universities of Pakistan are:

Top 5 Universities of Pakistan: University Of Punjab:

  • It is located in Lahore and divided into five campuses. Each campus provides the facility of a different subject department.
  • A highly educated staff is available to students.
  • Both morning and evening classes are held for the students.
  • All science and Arts subjects departments are functional for the feasibility of students.

Contact No.  (042) 99231098.

For different programs, there is a different fee structure is available.

You can check the criteria of fee on this page.


Top 5 Universities of Pakistan: Agha Khan University

  • The university is the first private university in Pakistan. Agha khan university is a medical institute.
  • It is also known as an international institute.
  • Located in Karachi. Comprises of a vast area in which a hospital, hostels for males and females, and campuses are involved. It is linked with different other countries.
  • Not only this, but universities also work in the educations o those Muslims who are abroad. Known as Pakistan’s best university.
  • Teachers are qualified and medalists from various institutes. Each kind of medical facility is also available in this university.

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS):

  • LUMS was Built-in 1986. The campuses are in Defence Housing Authorities.
  • Comprises vast land and occupies more than 100 acres of area in which the university, hostels, and working staff live here.
  • The university is only to give good business management skills to the student and not to earn any money from students.
  • The strength of students in the university is about 5 thousand. The teaching staff is almost from foreign countries and highly qualified and technical. They create great coordination among teachers and students.

National Univerity of Science and Technology(NUST):

  • Located in Islamabad. Very best university, Mostly students prefer this university for the engineering studies.
  • This university ranks among the top universities of Pakistan.
  • Pakistan Army designed this institute in 1991.
  • This university ranks in 335 universities of the world.
  • It offers 136 programs in different fields. Provide the best facilities to students.
  • Highly qualified staff is available for the students.

The top 5 programs of  Nust University are,

  • BBA,
  • Manufacturing engineering,
  • Aeronautical engineering,
  • Computer sciences,
  • electrical engineering.

These all subjects are taught under the guidance of the best teachers who have high skills of teaching.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology:

  • This university is also in Islamabad.
  • Founded in 1998. About 10 thousand are getting an education in this university.
  • It offers about 20 programs.
  • This university also gives morning and evening classes facilities for students.


  • The basic programs of this university are,
  1. Computer sciences department
  2. Electrical engineering program
  3. Management sciences program
  4. Bio-Sciences program
  5. Psychology medical program

These all are the top 5 universities of Pakistan. In these universities, there is the best teaching staff that gives the best results to their students. Get admission to these best universities of Pakistan and achieve your goals for the future. 

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