Understanding and Avoiding the Causes of Constipation

Eat less but always eat healthily. A poor diet causes constipation. If you want that your digestive system to work properly then start eating healthy foods. Causes and treatments of Constipation are:

Importance of Healthy Diet:

Many times we think that we are eating healthy but that isn’t healthy at all. Actually, at such times we are avoiding a healthy diet. By healthy food, we mean a diet rich in soluble fibers. Eating raw wheat bread would help to reduce it, but if that bread is made from refined flour, it would actually go the other way and increase the constipation factor.


This is why it is always suggested to watch what you eat. Take in fresh items such as vegetables, fruits, and lots of water. People tend to eat a massive amount of junk food along with two to three cups of caffeine per day. This is the perfect situation for severe constipation.


Causes and treatments of Constipation:

Constipation can affect anyone. If you don’t take a healthy diet and your stomach remains constipated, this would result in serious health disorders. Toxins flow back into your body and your guts could be damaged. Constipation also affects your mood, your skin as well as increases body odor. Children usually tend to lose weight due to lack of appetite when they undergo constipation and elders usually tend to gain more in such a case, starting from the belly.


Foods to Avoid that are Causes of Constipation

We don’t suggest you completely stop eating these foods, however, they shouldn’t form a frequent part of your diet. Remember, moderation in everything is best. If you do eat the following foods, make sure you have green tea or any other herbal drinks for increasing your metabolism and digestion rate.

Rice and potatoes are part of a diet that causes constipation.


food causing constipation



Milk if taken in cold form causes constipation, be it pure milk or be it a form like ice cream.

Baked items like cakes, pastries, etc contain high levels of carbs and unhealthy fats which could make digestion a much tougher process.

Deep-fried and oily foods such as crispy chicken nuggets, deep-fried chicken wings, etc are some of the leading reasons for constipation as well as obesity. Avoid.

Red meat and dried beans also add to increase constipation. If your body is water deficient, this would also result in constipation. Hence drink as much water as you can to avoid it.

Balanced Diet:

To adopt a healthy lifestyle, make a diet schedule that daily provides you with the required amounts of minerals, fibers, vitamins, and proteins. You should also have the knowledge of which food items actually cause constipation and reduce their consumption rate.


In addition to a healthy diet, plan constipation could also be avoided by maintaining a regular exercise schedule. As exercise speeds up respiratory activity and thus increases the rate of metabolism causing the food to digest.

Medical treatments of Constipation:

Chewing food properly and sending it down the throat to the stomach in a complete mashed form will also help to avoid constipation. In its extreme form, constipation prevents a person from bowel movement for at most two weeks. This is the time period when you have a 98% chance of falling seriously ill.  Whereby you can take the aid of a laxative that will help the body to compile a bowel movement. But this aid should only be taken if a person has less than 3 bowel movements per week as everyone does not have a defecation process every day.

Treatments:Causes and treatments of Constipation

If the patient has a medical history of his illness with him it will help the doctor to start the best treatment. He can easily define the stage of the disease. The cause may be a lack of fiber in the diet or anal problems. It can also help the doctor to find out those medicines that can cause constipation then they can change the medications. A food diary can also help the doctor to find out the lack of fiber. In that case, they try to increase the fiber in the diet and the disease can be treated easily.

Physical examination

With the help of a physical examination, the doctor can easily identify the cause of constipation. If the stool plugged with the colon can be felt through the abdominal wall, it is the symptom of severe constipation.

Blood tests

Taking blood tests can also evaluate the appropriate stage of the disease. They are also adding to uncover thyroid hormone and calcium.

Abdominal X-ray

A large amount of stool can easily be detected with the help of a simple X-ray; the quantity of stool defines the condition of constipation.

Barium enema

In an x-ray study barium enema in the form of liquid barium is inserted through the anus to fill the rectum. It clearly defines the normal or abnormal anatomy of the colon and rectum.

Anorectal motility studies

Ano_rectal motility studies provide an evaluation of the utility of the muscles and nerves of the anus and rectum. In this treatment an 8-inch tube is inserted through the anus there are sensors within the tube that measure the function of the muscles of the anus and the rectum. It can also determine the tightness of the muscles of the anus and rectum.

Colonic motility studies

This is similar to the above-mentioned studies in many aspects. It is all about a procedure in which a long narrow tube is inserted through the anus and passed through the colon. Sensors determine the pressures of the colonic muscles. If the activity of the muscles is abnormal it means that function of the colonic pressures will be abnormal. It is the most effective for decision-making regarding the treatment.

Eat well, stay healthy, feel happy!

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